Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just Married...3 weeks ago.

Hello all. We are OFFICIALLY the Leake's now. Taylor and I got married in Vegas on June 19. It was awesome. We were married at the Chapel of the Flowers. AWESOME place, great staff. It made it really easy for us. We picked out flowers, music, type of ceremony and BOOM it was all ready. Our photographer did an AWESOME job. I cant wait to get all of our pictures. Jax was our flower boy. He was in a tux with his 'shades' on (sunglasses) and DANG he looked good. Macy was in a cute white dress with a black ribbon. It was easy, simple, quick, beautiful, and just flat out perfect. I am now married to the best guy. Some days, I wonder how I ended up with him. I love him so much. It will take me a while to get use to Ashton Leake, as Im sure every bride has to get use to her new name. Its fun though. I love it. We are thinking of doing an Open House since a lot of people weren't able to make it to the ceremony. We are also registered at

Vegas was really fun. Got there on Friday, met with Taylor's family, went to get our marriage license, then dinner with his family. Yummy food and good times. Saturday, we got up and took the kids to the pool for a little bit. Then it was time to get ready for the ceremony. Taylor's mom, Cathy, came to get Macy and take her back to her hotel. My mom & dad came to help me get ready while Tay & Jax went to Taylor's dad's room to get ready. We then met in the lobby to get in the limo. My mom & dad would meet us there. On their way through the Luxor casino, they dropped my camera. It is gone. I cannot believe whoever found it kept it. People have no hearts anymore. There were pics of Macy & Jax, christmas, easter, and of us before our wedding. I haven't full on cried about it (yet). I keep holding on to a glimpse of hope that it will be turned in. I should let go about now. That was the only bad thing about Vegas. We got married, went back to change, then went to dinner with Taylor's family again. My parents took the kids with them. We then walked around a little bit and went back to the hotel. Sunday, we met my parents before they left so we could say goodbye to the kids. I cried. Of course. I am a freaking bawl baby. Its all good. At least I have a heart, right?

Macy is 5 months now. She is sitting up and rolling over. Time flies and she grows way fast. Jax is a great helper and an awesome big brother. He loves to draw, chalk, and go for 4wheeler rides with his dad. The dang mosquitos are HORRIBLE right now. Even if you spray, they attack.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Jax has been playing t-ball this year. He does an awesome job! Tonight is his last game of the season. He is growing up too dang fast. Lately, he has wanted to play at the skate park. But just running up and down the ramps. It cracks me up. Last Sunday, there was a big get together with our family and my aunt's side of the family also. We went to the park and all of the kiddos thought that slidin down the big ramps was so fun. It cracked me up. We played some baseball, ate some food, chatted, and had fun. It was good to see every body.

Yesterday, Macy had her 4 month check up. She is SUMO BABY!!! She weighs 18 lbs 2 oz - that is the 99 %tile. Her height was 25.5 inches - 88 %tile. Head 17 in - 99 %tile. She is a chunker!! Oh but I love her so. She had 2 shots. Jax cried, she cried then slept. When she woke up, she was NOT happy. Her poor FAT leg was so sore. She wouldn't move it. I felt so bad. Lately, she isn't really diggin mom. She LOVES her daddy. It makes me sad that she looks at me like "eh..i see you all the time. Let's change it up a bit, lady". :( It makes me sad.

I will post pics later. I just wanted to get a few recent things out there, not that anyone will read this anyway.

Wedding is 2 weeks, 3 days away. Excited yet stressed because I have NOTHING yet. Oh well. It will work out im sure.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Wedding Countdown

Okay so I am getting married in 50 days. Soo.....that is 7 weeks. That means I have some goals I need to achieve before then. They are:

1. No more pop, treats, fatty foods.

2. Hip Hop Abs Every Day!! When its not a freakin blizzard outside, running and taking the kids for walks.

3. Teeth whitening here I come.

4. Tanning will begin next week.

5. Cleaner house and more organized so I can start this new part of my life FRESH!!!

All of these things will help out with my depression/sadness funk I am in lately. I need to quit relying on others for my happiness or for their acceptance or something. I am a great person. I dont need everyone else's approval to think that.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Showers bring May Flowers....What does April Snow bring?

Random thoughts going through my head right now are.....

I just put the deposit down on our wedding. Reality kicked in.
June 19, 2010 we will be OFFICIAL! Sweet :)

I forgot how much babies cost. Oh but they are so dang cute.

Jax had his first T-Ball game last the freezing cold. They only hit twice and played in the field twice. It was really fun to watch him. He is getting so big! His team is sponsored by Ace :) He slept in his hat last night. Wont take the thing off.

I'm working part time at a food place here in town. Gets me out of the house and around people plus brings in a little mula, without having to send my kids to a sitter. Gotta love it :)

Tay & Jax are going to the barber shop tonight. Shaggy headed boys are long overdo for a haircut.

Macy eats a LOT. I mean A LOT for her being only 3 months. I cant keep up sometimes. But she is healthy and that's all that matters.

Pretty sure it looks like January outside right now.

Can't tell if its allergies or colds in our home lately. Stuffed up!

I think I need a little break. I'm pretty cranky. Thanks for putting up with me some days babe. You are a tough tough man.

Mother's Day weekend, I am planting our garden. I am so excited!

Taylor built our doggies a dog run. It's almost done. It will be nice to put them in there without having to keep them chained up. Hopefully they stay in it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Swimmin Saturday

We are trying to do a fun activity each weekend since its the only time we can all be together. This last weekend the boys went swimming while I sat and watched with Macy. They had so much fun. Taylor quickly remembered how tired swimming makes you. When you're little, you have the energy of hummingbird all the time. When you get older, that energy quickly dwindles to the energy of a sea turtle. So...Taylor had to fight his tired old legs to keep up with Jax. The diving board has never scared Jax. NEVER. So, we threw on the arm floaties and a life jacket and let him have at it. Taylor was of course there with him but Jax wasn't the least bit afraid to jump in without Taylor being in the water. It was so fun to watch these boys have fun. Here is some video footage.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Macy's Blessing

Good Morning! These boys obviously need haircuts. hehe!

Its blurry but he was loving finding all the eggs. Jade was wondering if she could eat them.

Jax is a goofball. Never once would he look at the camera. Look at the forehead on my noggin. Oh my! But on a good note, Macy's blessing dress she is wearing was MY blessing dress 23, almost 24, years ago. My late Grandma Mogle made it. Its sure special to me.

This last weekend was filled with fun! We didn't make it to Goblin Valley (Taylor had to work..boooooo!!) but we did get to see everyone. Everyone meaning the Mogle Family. Sunday morning was Easter. The bunny left some cute farm animal shaped eggs hidden around the house. Jax is getting too smart for the Easter Bunny's hiding techniques. He found them pretty darn quick. We then went to Grandpa's and ate some Easter Breakfast. It was yummy and fun to sit and b.s. with everyone. Macy got to see a lot of her family for the first time at the breakfast. After shoving our faces with waffles, we preceded home to get ready for Macy's blessing. Of course Taylor's pants were dirty. Thought they were clean but they had sat on a shelf that wasn't cleaned off before placing them on it so the whole one pant leg was filthy. Nice. He wore jeans and a nice button up shirt. It was all good though. As for Jax, he wore jeans too. He has grown out of the nice khakis that I swear I just bought him. Oh well. They looked handsome, it was a sweet and simple blessing.

Now for the blessing. My Grandpa Mogle has blessed me, my siblings, Jax and now Macy. With Jax, he called him 'Braxton' in the blessing. haha. Gotta love him. He had to redo it. So with Macy, I have been telling him her name LOUD and CLEAR each and every time I have seen him or talked to him within the last couple weeks.... MACY M-A-C-Y TAYLOR LEAKE L-E-A-K-E........ That morning at the breakfast, I wrote it down for him. Or it may have even been the night before. Anyway...The blessing began with a great prayer from Aunt Susie and leading by Bishop Jensen. It was between conference sessions so Bishop and one of his counselors, Brother Sanders, came and conducted the blessing. It was nice. Grandpa and priesthood holding Uncles got in the circle and my Grandpa began to speak... LACY Taylor Leake. The Uncles "It's Macy" one uncle called her "Gracie". LOL! Good ol' Grandpa. He fixed it and proceeded to give her an amazing blessing. Bishop Jensen then gave a few words and spoke of Christ and his resurrection, it being Easter and all. It was very nice. I want to thank all of those who came and participated. My favorite part about it was that Macy wore my blessing dress...and my Grandma Mogle made it. Thank you Grandma. We love and miss you. This month it will be 7 years since you passed. Continue to watch over us.

We then went back to the Mogle Home and had some fun! Laughed, told stories, ate! After being there and hearing the things that were spoken, Taylor may leave me. haha. My uncles can be groosum (spelling?). Babe, you are a trooper to handle it all so well. Oh my family is great. I love them so so much. I love when we are all there. Taylor loves them and loves how close and strong of a family they are. Welcome to it :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

J - A - X

J - A - X

J .... is for jumping. He loves to jump. Jump on his bed, jump off the couch, jump around the house.

A .... is for ADORABLE. Need I say more?

X .... is for HUGS right? I could never get sick of this boy's hugs. Ive always been a "huggy" person and I pray he will never be too cool to give his mommy hugs.

November 1, 2005, this sweet little bundle of joy came into my life at 10:42 pm. Afterwards, I watched Jay Leno and Gretchen Wilson was singing. Don't know why I remember that but I do.

This kid was a chubby little baby. I loved it. He is thinning out big time now. He gets taller and taller. His little handsome stomach muscles are visible. I just love him. His laugh makes my heart melt. His soft skin soothes me. His dirty faced kisses can stay on my cheek all day long.

He is a great helper and a great big brother to Macy. He is smart. I love it. It makes me so proud to hear him count, sing his ABC's, remember things I didnt even pick up on, write his name, color inside the lines, etc. I love it.
I can not imagine my life without him. I know I went through a hard time but he is worth every heartache I ever went through. He is simply a blessing. A ginormous magnificent outstanding one :)

Jax, I love you!